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Are you the type of customer we are looking for?
Do you require:

  • A high quality product?
  • Consistent sizing and density?
  • A fresh hardy tree?
  • Efficient Delivery?
  • A Long Term Supplier?
  • Varied Products? (Trees from 3 - 16 feet)

Let's Talk Grading

Heavy Density

These trees are our prime grade Christmas trees. Second to none. 
Medium Density - This grade tree is the most popular selling tree. This is the tree 90% of your customers will buy for their home.
  Light Density - This grade tree satisfies the requirement for a less expensive tree, however; still maintains the quality expected in a ... 
... Keddy Christmas Tree!

Keddy Christmas Tree Company
586 Glengary Rd, RR2 New Ross, Nova Scotia, B0J 2M0,Canada
Phone: 902-689-2364 | Fax: 902-689-2083